New single and UNICEF program

Since 1964, Colombia is in an ongoing armed conflict between the government, paramilitary groups, criminal syndicates, left-wing radical militias (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) and the National Liberation Army. The local population is suffering from this conflict. Eric Saade took part in UNICEFs program helping children of Colombia, and visited the country to meet children who are unwillingly forced to participate in a war between criminal gangs and rebels. Children aged 10-12 years are forced to participate in the fighting, where they die.

Children have to live in constant fear of death, violence and drug dealers use for their own purposes. They do not have good health care and access to clean water. The UNICEF project of protection of children of Colombia implies psychosocial support through play forms to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence. Varieties of programs run and create opportunities for children to learn from more experienced adults and youth. This helps them get an idea that there are other options than participation in criminal conflicts.

There is specially designed soccer game with special rules, in which boys and girls play together. Sports events help children deal with such basics as participation, equality and conflict resolution.

On May 1, 2014 Eric Saade released the single "Du Ar Aldrig Ensam", that is a cover version of the song of Swedish artist Mauro Scocco. The song was recorded exclusively for UNICEF. Eric introduced a new song at the Swedish concert "Humorgalan" on May 1. Also, the song can be purchased at iTunes in the Nordic countries. 100 % of sales will go to UNICEF program to help children of Colombia. On our site you can watch the official video for this song (funds from views will go to UNICEF programs too).

Photo: UNICEF.

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