Eric Saade conquers summer stages of Sweden

Last Saturday, 07.18.2015, our team CIS & REST visited the Swedish tv-program Sommarkrysset, where Eric performed. The shooting took place in the amusement park Grona Lund and is broadcasted live on Swedish channel TV4, as well as on their website. The program consisted of live performances on stage, and cash prizes among the tv-viewers and lottery.

We were lucky enough to go there and see the whole kitchen with our own eyes. All day the artists rehearsed several times, set up instruments and cameras. At 17.00 people are allowed to territory of stage, and then a dress rehearsal began. It lasted about an hour, the program itself a little bit longer. After the rehearsal singers went to prepare for the air, and the entrance opened again: everybody could take a comfortable place. In just a few minutes, before the broadcast, they were beginning to warm up the audience, sometimes giving to the audience something that would be needed for shooting. For example, they gave us flags of Sweden for Erics "Girl from Sweden".

Eric performed well: an interesting idea, dancers were in the Swedish national costumes. By the way, he opened the show and closed it: he performed his melo-hit "Sting". After the program, the artists on the stage waited for photo journalists and interviews. After the interview some of the performers came down to the audience for photos and autographs. So did Eric. A lot of people waited for him. He spoke quietly to all, taking pictures and giving hugs. We experienced only wonderful feelings during this trip!

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