Eric Saade in "Så Mycket Bättre"

Last Saturday on the 21st October, the first episode of a popular Swedish show "Så Mycket Bättre" has aired, where Eric Saade took part in. 8 more episodes to go, and all of them will be shown every Saturday at 8 p.m. (Swedish Time) on TV4.

Photo: Pär Bäckstrand / TV4.

The show was introduced to the public for the first time in Netherlands in 2009, and it was called "De Beste Zangers van Nederland". Later Sweden and some other countries created their own versions of it.

What is special about the show is that all the members for 8 days live at Gotland island and create their music masterpieces. Every day is dedicated to one of the artists of the project, and each member creates the cover for this artists song in their own style.

The very first episode of the season was dedicated to Uno Svenningsson, and Eric Saade performed a song called "Allt Man Kan önska Sig".

For quite a long time we could all watch Eric working hard, and it was not a vain effort. The recording was top sales on iTunes and was most listened to on Spotify, among all the members of the project. The cover performed by Eric sounds naturally, clear, it is filled with youth and blooming. Who wouldnt like that?

Yet again Eric has demonstrated his unique sense of music and true talent. Lets follow his success together! Watch the next episode on the 28th November.

Text by: Anna Kuznetsova. Specially for

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How Do You Like Me Now?
Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Noren)
Darkest Hour
Heart of a Lion









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