Eric Saade on the radio NRJ in Rostov-on-Don

On December the 1st a presentation of the radio station NRJ was held in Rostov-on-Don. Anyone who managed to get to the event witnessed the unique show - performance of Eric Saade, where he sang his old and new hits. The administration of our website in the person of Ekaterina Titova is among the lucky ones who received an invitation to the club.

It all began with amazing appearance of popular Rostov-on-Don group "Fayvers", who performed the world-famous hits. The official part came later - a terrific leader Anya Kirova occupied the stage, video congratulations on 10 years anniversary of NRJ radio station were displayed.

Everyone also enjoyed the outstanding performance of the group "Primernoe povedenie". DJ Simon, the host of radio NRJ, was keeping the dancing mood of people.

When the time of the special guest of the evening, Eric Saade, came, the crowd was ready! The singer opened his performance with the song "How do you like me now" and performed 7 songs during the show. The atmosphere of the concert was amazing - the singer stayed in just few meters away from the crowd. Eric once again showed his talent to perform on stage. His great techniques of working with fans were to the Rostov audiences taste. Of course, the culmination of the show was the song "Wide awake", so much loved by the listeners in our country. Eric performed the original version of the song, but in the end he added a small part from remix by Filatov & Karas. After the mini-concert, the artist got a storm of applause.

Administration of our website is grateful to NRJ radio station in Rostov-on-Don for the opportunity to attend the presentation and wishes the radio station staff further successes!

Sincerely yours,

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How Do You Like Me Now?
Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Noren)
Darkest Hour
Heart of a Lion









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