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24 and 25 May, Eric Saade and his dancers Alex and Edin take part in Raw dance festival 2014 in Trondheim, Norway. This festival is organized by RAW dance studio, promoting dance culture through workshops, shows and festivals.

The festival will provide an environment where multiple organizations can present themselves and where people can experience a huge range of dance. The idea is to encourage more people to learn dance and learn to use it as a cultural expression as well as for exercise and enjoyment. Festival also aims to encourage cooperation between different dance styles and between professionals and amateurs.

Program will consist of an open section with amateurs / students (free) and a professional shows where one must purchase tickets. Today, the 25th of May, Eric Saades dancers Alex Jafarzadeh and Edin Jusuframic willgive seminars on Hiphop Saadestyle.

Of course, festival could not be without Eric Saades performance, who sang several songs, accompanied by a professional dance show.

It should be noted that two weeks ago, Globen (Stockholm) hosted an event in which the dancers of SDA (Scandinavian Dance Academy) presented the results of the last semester. The students of SDA had an opportunity to dance on one stage with Eric Saade. This format of integration of dance and song, surely presents interest to the people who can learn something new to express themselves and their emotions.

Maxim Sirin,
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