Today the administration of the site brings the warmest birthday congratulations to a talented, charming and amazing artist who inspired us to create this very site and the fan-club a singer who won hearts of millions European viewers, who took part and got a victory in many national and international music contests like Melodifestivalen, Eurovision & Sopot Festival, who recorded 3 solo albums and performed a great bunch of hits Eric Saade! We wish him from all our hearts lots of success in his creative work, international fame and the greatest number of true and devoted fans :)

Traditionally, today our fan-club gives Eric several gifts that could be appreciated by all our visitors.

The first one is a birthday video made by a lot of fans from Russia and countries of CIS. We thank all of those who supported our idea and sent their amazing and creative fan-art works, photo & videos in Do it like Eric!s style. They made our present really bright and festive. You can watch the result of our work right now on our site. If the video is not playing in your country, please use this link to watch the video.

As for the second gift, we can say for sure that Eric has never got such a present before ;) It is an interactive on-line game that is also available for everyone on our site. The game looks like a map with selected countries & cities where the singers fans and the members of our fan-club live. If you click on the name of any city, you see a music slide show with photos of the fans living there. There is a Surprise in one of the cities. Your aim is to find this surprise ;) And to find out where in our region Erics fans live and wait for his concerts :) The game is available here.

The administration of the official fan-club of Eric Saade in Russia and countries of CIS congratulates Eric again and waits for you to join our greetings!

Sincerely yours,

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How Do You Like Me Now?
Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Noren)
Darkest Hour
Heart of a Lion









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