Pop Explosion struck the whole world!

The third concert tour of Eric Pop Explosion finished on April, 28 with the magnificent performance in Annexet, Stockholm. The singer gave 15 concerts in Sweden with the whole audience in 27 000 viewers. Fans came to see Pop Explosion on their own from different countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark and many others. The admin of our site Maxim Sirin managed to attend at the last tour concert, but one in Jonkoping on April, 27. On his coming back Maxim shared his impressions of the show with us:

I dreamt about going to the full-fledged indoor solo concert of Eric for two years, since the moment I heard his songs. The show was held in the complex Elmia. I came there about 1,5 hours before the beginning. Next to the building there were two Opel cars with Erics photos and the lines Official car of Eric Saade. Ticket collectors started putting the viewers into about an hour before the show. There were standing already 300 people in front of the building. I got a VIP ticket, so I passed quite fast through the special entrance. After that I was given a badge with the line VIP and a free Telia SIM-card.

In the foyer they were selling the items from Saade Shop and the album Saade Vol. 2. I bought everything I was asked to bring except the bracelet and went to the concert hall. There was a special screened off zone for the VIP viewers. I stood on the left of its central part, close to the middle. The audience consisted of girls mostly, of course, but there were enough 4- or 5-year-old children with their parents. I even saw disable people in their wheelchairs.

The show started at 7 p. m. sharp, there was no delay at all. The white curtains dropped on the stage, and we heard Rocket Science playing. At first we could see only Erics shadow, but in a moment he came to the stage himself. There started unimaginable noise, the audience just burst into applauds. During the first song Eric stole a glance right at me.

When he sang Without You Im Nothing, he looked at me, smiled, gave a wink and waved his hand. I was pleased that he recognized me (I had seen him several times before, in Norrkoping, Moscow and Paris) and was happy to see me at his concert.

There was allowed to make a photo and video shooting, but only with cell-phones and photo cameras, video cameras were strictly prohibited in the hall. The concert lasted about 1,5 hours; this time was full of dance, catchy up-tempo tunes, vocal and impressive illuminating effects. It was unbelievable! I wish every single fan of Eric would visit such a show!

Photos: Maxim Sirin.

Julia Skripko,
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