Eric Saade performed in Vemdalen

During the weekend 10 12 April, Opel held an special event called Opel ski week. In their presentation center in Vemdalskallet they offered everyone a test drive, as well as special price conditions for a ski holiday during this weekend. But the most pleasant event took place on April 12 in the Arena hall in Vemdalskallet. It was an exclusive concert of Eric Saade, sponsored by Opel. I could visit this ski resort and attend this concert. As the administrator of the Russian fan-club I want to share my impressions from the show with all fans.

To get to this "far far away" land of Sweden was not easy: from Stockholm by night train, and then another two hours on the bus. Vemdalskallet is one of the districts of Vemdalen. There are several hotels and of course ski trails and lifts. In April, everything there is still covered with snow, and you can ski at your pleasure. An hour before the concert the halls doors were already occupied by girls who wanted to take the first row near the stage. When the door was opened, I was in no hurry, like most people. I took the third row.

At the entrance they sold goods from the store Saadeshop (after the concert I bought a single "Coming home". It was unusual, I liked that the disc was inside the box sized of two times larger than the cd itself). If about previous concerts, which I visited, one could say that their audience consisted mostly of girls, you cant say so about this show. At this concert there were women and men of all ages, it is clear that it was families, as expected in Opel.

The concert began at 16:00. Eric doesnt delay concerts. The first song was "Till I break". I realized that the show will be the analogue of Coming Home Tour. It was true, but the track list was a bit different. He didnt sing "Imagine", but sang "Boomerang", which was not in the Coming Home Tour. Also in this performance Eric was on stage without dancers, only with music band. But, in my opinion, here it was even the advantage: you may focus more on the show of Eric. The concert lasted about an hour. Eric performed at all 200%, that was not surprising considering his professionalism. The audience cheered: the hall was filled by unimaginable scream.

I got endless emotions from the concert. It is so surprising that there are full solo concerts from artists of such a high level as Eric Saade, and completely free. Perhaps because of this there were so many people on the show. It seemed to me that the concert was attended by about a thousand people. Sure, most of them liked it. I liked. Besides, I again visited the atmosphere of beautiful Sweden. The trip gave only bright impressions. Im really looking forward to Eric finally manage to come to Russia, and the most Russian fans will experience all of these emotions.

Photo: Maxim Sirin.

Maxim Sirin,
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