Eric Saade in Russia: "This is just a beginning".

On the 3rd of December the fans of Eric Saade in Russia might attend the biggest event the first public concert of Eric Saade in Russia! But in the beginning of the day CIS&REST met Eric and asked some questions, because it is very exciting to see Eric so often in Russia. Here you may read the result of our interview.

CIS&REST: Welcome back! This is your second time in Russia in this year! This is really a big event for us! Usually we interviewed you once a year in Sweden, but now you came to us yourself. How do you feel about that?

Eric: Its nice. I love Moscow, and Rostov was fun too. Its been nice. Im learning a lot. Its gonna be fun to play tonight. But its like to me everything is new. I dont know if I have a lot of fans. Everything is new. So its pretty exciting.

C&R: What do you think about Moscow, Rostov or Russia as a whole? According to Nicoles blog she liked Moscow very much. And did you notice changes for 5 years.

E: Oh, yeah. I think the Moscow is more nice now actually, I think its more clean. The city is more modern - thats what I think - since 2011. Its good, I really like it. And its big, I love big cities.

C&R: Now you are very popular in Russia. Do you plan to keep this popularity?

E: Yes, of course. Im gonna keep coming here, Im gonna release my second single for the radio stations here too, so thats gonna be good, this is just a beginning.

C&R: Most singers become the artists of one song (Ola Im in love, Danny If only you), I mean abroad, not in Sweden. Do you know the formula of success? How to understand that the new single will be popular too?

E: No, youll never know, but Im prepared to work hard to remain in Russia, because I think its a big market and exciting country and I like it, so Im prepared to go here often to keep remaining and not only for one song, so thats why we are planning a lot of things like Europa plus in February, we plan maybe Love radio festival, so we are planning a lot of things in Russia right now to keep doing this trips to Russia, so thats fun. And Im gonna keep doing it also for the next single that we now prepare to release.

C&R: Thats great. How do you think, is it more difficult to become popular or stay popular?

E: Wow. I think its more difficult to become a big singer from the beginning, because there are so many good talents out there and to get through the wall is very hard.

C&R: Maybe you feel more responsibility than before? I mean maybe you pay more attention to every second of a song?

E: But I always do that. And I always did. So music is the most important thing. But the thing is its very hard to get to new different markets. Its very hard to be a big singer in other countries. But now this is a good start. In Russia I have a good start with Wide Awake, so this is actually the first time Im really trying to conquer the Russian market. This is the first time. I mean in 2011 that was Eurovision. But we never really tried to conquer the Russian market because I had so much to do in Scandinavia. So I didnt have time. But now I have more time thats why we try to do this now. So thats the big difference.

C&R: You live on the country, one of the leaders of music industry.

E: Yes, thats great!

C&R: What do you think, why Sweden is so successful?

E: I dont know, we do good melodies. We have the best pop songwriters in the world. And thats why everything comes from Sweden, all the music. So its like we born with it, I think. Thats good.

C&R: Thank you, Eric. We will of course attend your concert tonight!

The concert was supported by Armani Exchange the clothing brand. Many fans came and took the space near stage long before the beginning. Official Russian fan-club prepared interesting thing they cut many paper hearts with the name of the artist on the background of Russian flag and spread these hearts within all visitors.

It all began with Armani Exchange promo contests. The concert itself started in one hour. It was quite long performance, not a 40-minutes show that Eric gave in Sweden recently. Fans could enjoy not only his new hits but so much loved old songs like Popular, Hotter than fire, Sting and relatively recent Girl from Sweden, which Eric sang in the version of Girl from Moscow, what girls appreciated very much.

Eric showed once again his best mastery in music. Also during the show Eric made mannequin challenge with fans that was very funny. The idea belongs to Armani Exchange and was perfectly brought to life.

The show was finished with the biggest Erics hit in Russia Wide Awake. After the concert fans could get an autograph and make a photo with Eric. That was the day many Russian fans have been waiting for 5 years. Finally Eric made many dreams come true. We thank "Armani Exchange" and "Lingman & Co" for organizing the interview and supporting us regarding this event.

Interviewed by: Maxim Sirin.

Text by: Maxim Sirin.

Questions by: Ekaterina Titova, Maxim Sirin, Ekaterina Ryabushkina.

Photo by: Ekaterina Titova.

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