Meeting with fans in Moscow on 25.10.2016

On 25.10.2016 Eric Saade met Russian fans in Moscow. Everyone liked that meeting was held in cozy, warm atmosphere. Fans could make photos, take an autograph, ask questions and simply talk to the artist. In the end Eric and all fans made the mutual photo. Thanks to all fans and everyone who participated in organization of this meeting!

We thank Warner Music Russia, "Lingman & Co and Roxy Recordings for organizing the meeting with fans! Everything was held with high-level quality!

We also got many kind feedbacks from the participants of the event:

Irina Loginova: I cant find words, how to describe it when your dream comes true. And the best thing is that Eric is so great person! Responsive and kind, and even a bit shy: he didnt expect that so many people would come. He gladly talked to us and made a photo with each of us.

Valeriya Dolmatova: It was so cozy. Eric is cute and he paid attention to each fan. It was so nice to see him finally after 5 years of being the fan of his talent, thank you for such possibility!

Anna Kuznetsova: It seems that it is Eric who came to see us he constantly told us funny things and asked different questions. It was like magic! This is the first time when I attend such event. So unexpectedly and cool! He is great, like on photo, but better! And to hug him is it a dream? Im happy! Thank you very much!

Marina Verdi: Everyone began to hug him, but I was shocked and woke up when I let him go. Even we saw him for a short time, this will stuck in my memory forever.

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