Eric Saade: "There will be a new single out in 1,5 month".

Last Monday, 02.20.2017, a grand party of Europa Plus TV Hot & Top was held in Minsk at the largest arena in Belarus Minsk-Arena. More than twenty most famous artists came from different countries to Belarusian capital to perform their biggest hits of 2016 live on the stage that evening. One of the participants was also Eric Saade. He entered the stagein the middle of the show and performed three songs: How do you like me now?, Colors and, of course, a major hit Wide awake. And right after the performance, Eric went to the press-zone, where he gave some interviews for journalists. Before the concert he had a fan-meeting and gave an interview for our website. Read the exclusive interview with Eric Saade right here!

CIS & REST: Hello, Eric! Welcome to Belarus! We`re glad to see you here! Have you tried Belarussian food already?

Eric: I haven`t got a chance yet but my manager Tomas did. He took some kind of potato pancakes.

C&R: It`s called draniki.

E: Draniki? Ok. He said it was good. So I guess I have to try before I go.

C&R: You should. What impressions do you have in general about Belarus, Minsk, about fans here?

E: The fans seem to be amazing. This is the first time here and a lot of people just came to see me here, that`s nice. So far I haven`t seen so much about the city because I`ve been working. I was rehearsing earlier today at the arena and since then I`ve been visiting radiostations. But we`ll see. If I have time tonight we might go out for a club or something.

C&R: Are you ready for tonight? To rock the stage?

E: Yes, of course. Always. (laughing)

C&R: We`re following your positions in different charts in different countries. Every Sunday we make posts in our social networks. And we found that your positions started to fall down. Are you gonna do something with it? Maybe to release a new single?

E: Yeah, it`s always like that. I`m gonna release a new single when the time is right. Then hopefully we`re back on top. That`s how it is. Actually Wide Awake peaked here, in the Russian countries and around the Russian countries. But in France and in Bulgaria it`s actually starting to peak now so we have to follow up before we release a new single. I think there will be a new single out in like 1,5 month.

C&R: Can you give us any hints about it? Name? How will it sound?

E: I can`t, not yet because I`m writing it right now.

C&R: What are your plans for the future?

E: The future is bright. I wanna release more songs and hopefully it`s gonna be just as big as Wide Awake. And then I can hopefully start to do my own concerts here too, in Belarus and in Russia, because that will be a lot of fun too. So this is a start.

C&R: You`re working with amazing musicians. They`re very cool. And you understand each other without any words. For example in Moscow when people started to shout Manboy they started to play it and finished when you told them. How do you choose people for your team?

E: Mostly in Stockholm we all in the music business know there the best musicians. And actually these are my friends too. So it was not hard to choose them. But I don`t know how, to be honest, it`s just like a networking thing and you come up with a good team.

C&R: Does it take much time to make such a good team and achieve such understanding?

E: Actually not because they are so professional. They`re really good at what they do. So it`s very easy to play music together. And they`re good people too. That`s important.

C&R: You always wear caps. How many of them do you have in your collection?

E: I have a lot of caps. But I never wear caps when I`m on stage.

C&R: You wore a cap when you performed in Uppsala last November. Wait, no. It was a bandana.

E: Yeah, that was not a cap. (laughing) Usually I don`t wear it on stage. When I do interviews, travel around a lot, I hate to fix my hair because, you know, it`s just messy. And then it`s easier to have a cap. And sometimes if you wanna hide a bit it`s always easier to have a cap and people don`t see who you are.

C&R: Nicole, for example, released her own collection of sport wear. And many other celebrities make their collections of something. Maybe you want something like this?

E: We`ll see. I mean I`m most interested in music but we`ll see. Maybe in the future. But I don`t wanna put time in something that I`m not 100% interested in.

C&R: Do you have any questions that you`re asked the most often and that you are tired of?

E: Wow! Maybe What`s the craziest thing you`ve ever done?. I got that question from the radio yesterday. It`s like I don`t know. You do a lot of crazy shit so that`s a weird question.

C&R: Do you always answer the same on this question?

E: No, because I wanna try to give them something new everytime but it`s hard because that`s a weird question.

C&R: Are there any questions that you don`t liked to be asked?

E: I don`t like when it`s too much about what do you say?

C&R: Private life?

E: Yeah, private life or things that don`t have to I like when it`s about the music. So everything that it`s not about the music is a bit like... Why am I talking about that? Because I work with music.

C&R: And what do you think about gossips? Do you know any?

E: I don`t know. Tell me. You should know the gossip part because I have no idea.

C&R: Actually there have been no gossips recently.

E: Okay. Let`s make up a story. (laughing)

C&R: But maybe you remember any gossip from the past?

E: Yeah, there`s been a lot of gossip about me back in Sweden of course. But it`s not important, I don`t put my time in it.

C&R: Can you tell something for your CIS and Belarussian fans?

E: As I said before hopefully I can come back and have my own concert next time in Belarus and next time in Russia. And next time in some other countries. So let`s build a strong fanbase and try to make that happen. Right now it`s Europa Plus and it`s gonna be a lot of fun of course. But after that I hope I can do my own concert because I love to be on my own stage where I can decide everything.

C&R: Lycka till, Eric! We can`t wait to see you again in Belarus.

E: Thank you. (smiling)

We thank "Lingman & Co" for organizing the interview.

Interviewed by: Inga Lasmane.

Text by: Inga Lasmane.

Questions by: Ekaterina Titova.

Photo by: Ekaterina Titova.

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