Last week Eric Saade visited Moscow with his promo tour. On this occasion we met the singer and took an interview for our website. Read the exclusive interview with Eric Saade right here!

CIS&REST: Its nice to see you in Russia again. Did you expect that Wide Awake would be so popular here?

Eric: You know, I didnt expect that its gonna be popular but I thought it would fit Russia.

C&R: Why do you think it fits Russia?

E: I think, because the melody is very dancing, very melancholic. And I think it fits Russian music. I dont know why. Actually, it fits everyone, because right now it started to climb all over the Europe.

C&R: What was the inspiration for the song Wide awake? As we see now its popular as a dancing song especially in the arrangement of Russian DJs Filatov & Karas. Was the intention to make the song as a dancing hit?

E: No, but its pretty usual today, because today all the radio stations are dance stations. And there are other stations which play the originals, but all big stations are dance stations, the play the remix. So thats how it is a lot of songs today had a breakthrough with remixes, so Im not shocked because of that.

C&R: Did the idea of remix come from you or Russian DJs made it themselves?

E: The idea came from us to do a remix. And then we left it for them. So they could do whatever they wanted with the song, so they did the great job.

C&R: Why did you decide to change your music style so suddenly? Were sure that you liked your previous music. When did you decide to start something new?

E: I guess, after the last Melodifestivalen I just felt that Im a bit tired of the regular sound, I wanted to find something else that has more character, more identity. So me and the boys in the studio, we created the new sound, the new EP, and I think it has better deep its like indie pop with a little bit of darker melodies. I like that. I think that theres more me. So I dont know why to be honest, I just was tired of the old stuff. I mean everyone grows up and I grew up, thats it.

C&R: During your tour in the summer 2015, you were singing the song "Friend zone" in your previous style that you didn't release. In the light of your new style we'll never hear it again right?

E: I dont actually I might release it. Friends is a crossover Friends actually is name of the song, its like crossover from the old style to something more funky. And then I changed, then I just realized I dont wanna do this, I wanna do this instead, the new EP. So, I dont know yet. Maybe in the future we will do new production for the song. Its a good song, but I dont want to release anything that is not 100% me, so thats why I didnt release it.

C&R: We know that you take part in one project of Coca-Cola Sweden. Can you tell us more about the project?

E: Coca-Cola Sweden right now is doing ESport campaign. Because E-sports are getting really big, like Counter-Strike. People are actually playing in big arenas. Thats crazy. They do a campaign and theres a lot of fun, so Im just playing with a professional player. We are going up against Ace Wilder, another singer in Sweden and another professional player whos teaching her. So its gonna be like a funny game against them.

C&S: Have you ever made mistakes on stage during performance? If yes how did you handle them?

E: Yeah, Ive done a lot of mistakes.

C&R: What kind of mistakes?

E: Like falling on stage. On I fell over a speaker, big speaker on stage. When you perform a lot having concerts that happens. Sometimes I sing wrong. You know thats a part of a human. Sometimes you do mistakes.C&R: Sometimes its funny

E: Yeah, exactly. Just be yourself and have fun with it.

C&R: In the end can you say some words to your CIS&Russian fans?

E: I just want them to keep listening and to wait for me because Im coming, Im gonna be here a couple times more and play hopefully. And to wait for the next single for Russia, I dont know which one yet, but it might me Colors. So well see, and if they listen to the next single too, Ill be back again, so I just want them to keep follow.

C&R: We will wait for you here again.

E: Thats great.

C&R: Eric, thank you for your time.

E: Thank you!

We thank "Warner Music Russia" and "Lingman & Co" for organizing the interview.

Interviewed by: Maxim Sirin.

Text by: Maxim Sirin.

Questions by: Ekaterina Titova, Maxim Sirin, Ekaterina Ryabushkina.

Photo by: Ekaterina Titova.

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