On the 16th of July the administration of our fan-club met Eric Saade and his manager Tomas Lingman in the Swedish city Borås to take an interview for our web-site. The meeting was held two hours before the concert, which we attended too and managed to see the entire concert in the first row near the stage. We were so glad to see Eric and visit his concert! Read the exclusive interview of Eric Saade for his Russian fans on our web-site.

CIS&REST: First of all we want to thank you for your new music, the song Girl from Sweden.

Eric: Do you like it?

C&R: Were in love with it. You took part in Melodifestivalen. In our last interview you said that you asked Fredrik Kempe to write a song for you. But there are other song-writers. What do you think, will you back to Melodifestivalen again and will it be Kempe again? Måns cooperated with him twice but won with Joy and Linnea Deb. What do you think of it?

Eric: A good song is a good song. It doesnt matter who wrote it. I can write it and he can. Hes very good in this contest because hes so good in cooking melodies. So thats why I want him to do it. But if I ever do it again, well see then. I might just meet some other writers.

C&R: Thomas G:son is also very successful on this contest.

Eric: Yeah, of course, as I said there are so many good writers. Well see. Its very hard to answer.

C&R: After Melodifestivalen you said that you would celebrate the victory of Måns with fighting in Playstation with him. Did you play it and who won?

E.: Ah, no, we havent done it yet because hes been on tour and Im on tour and you know its been crazy. So we havent almost seen each other at all. But hopefully soon enough, but Ill kick his ass (smiling).

C&R: Last year you did a break. Did you think of what you would have done if inspiration to write music hadnt returned to you?

E.: I dont know actually. Everyone needs year off to be able to come back. Thats the only way. You have to disappear to come back. So you know music is in my soul. I will always come back to that anyway. It doesnt matter how tired I am Ill always come back to music.

C&R: What hidden talents do you have?

E.: Oh, hidden. I dont know if anything is hidden anymore, because everyone seems to know everything about me. So I dont think its very hidden but I can do some card tricks. Im pretty good in that if people get drunk (laughing).

C&R: If you have a chance to open the concert of any artist or band, whom will you choose?

E.: Open a concert for Justin Timberlake definitely.

C&R: What question did you always wanted to answer but nobody asked you?

E.: I think everyone asked me a lot of questions, so I dont know if there is any question that I didnt answer

C&R: Maybe theres something you are proud of, but nobody knows about it?

E.: Actually the one I wanna answer the most is about the creating of, beginning of my career, because it was a long road. It wasnt just like a break through during one night. Thats what people think. I started when I was about 14-15. And thats why its I like to talk about so the people know that. Its a long road.

C&R: You know Russian singer Philip Kirkorov, he is known as the king of remakes including many Swedish songs. He sang 4 remakes on Kempe songs. What do you think if someone will sing remakes on your songs?

E.: Thatd be great, awesome. I mean its up to a singer of course. I mean remakes are always welcome. There are a lot of different ways to produce a song. I do it pretty pop even funk. If he does probably dance, that will be fun to hear.

C&R: In Moscow you had to lip-sync to a pre-recording. Can you describe that situation, and what in the whole do you think about lip-sync?

E.: I dont like it at all. Thats the first one and I will probably never do it again, hopefully. Because lip-sync is weird What do you call the arena? Kreml?

C&R: The Kremlin, yes.

E.: Yeah, and I left my monitors at the technicians spot. He just looked at me like you dont need this, because youre gonna do some playback. I was like What? I wasnt prepared for that because in Sweden we never do that. I use my live band and everything is live. So to me it was weird. But sometimes I cant do anything about it anyway. So I just did my thing but it was hard. I mean I love to sing thats why I do it.

C&R: Can you maybe say some words to your Russian fans?

E.: Well, I hope theyll keep supporting the music. Because when the music gets me there I will finally end up there. So if they support the music thats great, because that is what gonna get me there.

C&R: Thank you so much.

We thank "Lingman & Co" for organizing the interview.

Interviewed by: Maxim Sirin.

Text by: Maxim Sirin.

Questions by: Ekaterina Titova, Maxim Sirin, Inga Lasmane.

Photo by: Ekaterina Titova.

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