On the 11th of March the administration of our fan-club met Eric Saade for taking an interview. The reason was great, because CIS & REST visited the most long-awaited musical event in Sweden - the final of Melodifestivalen. We are glad that we met Eric before the contest. Read the exclusive interview with Eric Saade for Russian fans on our website.

CIS&REST: We congratulate you on the passing to the final of Melodifestivalen. Do you remember last summer we interviewed you and asked you about your possibility to take part in this contest? You answered youd hardly participate. When did you decide to participate in the contest this year? Maybe someone suggested you to do it?

Eric: Yes, the SVT, the Swedish tv-channel that broadcasts Melodifestivalen, contacted me and wanted me to back in. But actually I decided to do it six days before the press conference, so it was really spontaneous. You know, its so much fun doing it, I want to do it one more time, when I can do my thing, so I decided to go and do it again to the fullest.

C&R: How did you choose the song?

E: I called Fredrik Kempe, because I dont wanna write the music for Melodifestivalen, I want to write the music for my albums. Melodifestivalen is such a different area, where he is the best, so I called him and told him: Youre the main, you can write my song. And he wrote Sting. We took the song too Jason Gill, the producer, I work with. So me and Jason did the sound, thats how we dealt with the saxophone and trumpet. So thats how we developed the song and then I just loved it. I felt good vibe, but the lyrics are so bitter, very hard and cocky, thats why I love it.

C&R: So did you write the song just for few days?

E: No, no, no. We were working on this song until December or January, so were working a lot to get every detail to its place.

C&R: Which goals do you pursue in your 3rd participation in the contest? Do you wish to represent Sweden on Eurovision Song Contest again?

E: Yeah, I wish, of course. I mean thatd be great. I wanna win Eurovision. Last time I was third. So this time I wanna win if I get the chance to do it, because its up to the Swedish people and the jury. I guess, well see. Anyway, if I dont get to Eurovision, itll be so mad fun and Sting is such a big hit. So it was totally worth it, so Im just gonna have a lot of fun. And theres so much music coming out since I almost did nothing last year, I wanted to lay low, because I wanted write some new music, I wanted the time to think, so my upcoming new music is very funky, is very of different style, thats why I love it. I think that the new Eric is going to be like its a new me for 2015 (smiling). And thats why I love it. So Eurovision or not, Im still gonna release new music. So actually doesnt matter but it would be fun.

C&R: We are waiting for your new music.

E: Great, its soon actually, before the summer totally.

C&R: What do you think about the other finalists? Did you watch other semi-finals and which songs are your favourite?

E: Oh, I dont know, favorites. There are such good songs this year. Then of course I mean, people are talking about a lot about me and . And I understand it, because his song is great. He is doing great job on the stage and I think my song also fits the European pop market and the show of course. So I still think that it should be one of us, either me or him to represent the Sweden, I think either me or has the biggest chance to win Eurovision. Thats what I think, but it doesnt mean that other songs are not good. Its just what I believe would be the best for Eurovision, Heroes or Sting.

C&R: How did he post the video on your Instagram?

E: Were friends, we are actually neighbors in Stockholm here. So weve been talking and I wanted to support him.

C&R: But is it ok, because he is your competitor?

E: This is all about music, its love. And I think he got love for me too. I think he wants me to win and I want him to win. Of course, I wanna win, but you know what I mean. I would totally agree if they decide to send him to Eurovision. Its just love between us. Were just having fun with new music. We got different style, we got different audience. We need to focus on this part. The contest part is just for the people and the jury to decide. For me and this is music, this is what we do, this is what we born with.

C&R: Talking about one more video on Instagram, we saw one video of Samir singing that hes in love with you (smiling).

E: (smiling) Yeah, hes funny guy. He is a great guy, I mean I dont know, obviously he is not a musician. But he is so funny he could do anything: he could be actor, musician, whatever.

C&R: At what age did you begin to watch Melodifestivalen? Did you think or maybe dream that you would be on the stage of this contest?

E: Actually, I dont think that I ever watched it. I did never follow it, to be honest. I dont know why. It was always there, because Melodifestivalen is such a big thing in Sweden. This is so much people watching it. So even if you dont follow it, its always around you. So I started to, how to say, know about Melodifestivalen when I was like ten years old. And I never thought that I was gonna win it, which I did in 2011, but you know, of course, that was a magic moment somehow. But on the other hand thats just like a little part of what Ive been doing in my career, so there are a lot of things that Im proud of besides this.

C&R: What do you think about the application for smartphones which allows this year to vote for your favourite singer? Do you think it could influence the final results as some people say?

E: Yeah, of course. Its an application when you may vote five times for each song. And I think its a good thing. I mean you need to develop technique and make it easier to vote. So I dont know how many votes there were in the latest contest last week but there were a lot of them. And of course thats gonna be a big thing in the final too, because it becomes easier to get more votes and to win the contest with these votes. Its gonna be good thing, Im not worry about it, its gonna be fun to see.

C&R: The artists who have more fans can get more votes.

E: Well yes and no. Its not your Instagram followers who will vote for you and your music in music contest or go to your concert. Thats not your Instagram followers, thats the type of followers who watch that program or listen to your music. I say like 80% of my Instagram followers just want to see my selfies. Thats the truth. So I dont believe in that. I just think that the one whom people like the most: the song, they like the most, the performance, they like the most, thats who will win. End of story. I dont think it has anything to do with how many Instagram followers you have or facebook followers.

C&R: We hope it can help you.

E: We hope, we can just hope.

C&R: Did you take part in making the performance of your entry song? If yes, which exactly items of the performance are yours? Maybe flying platform?

E: No, everything. The choreography was made by me and Mario Perez Amigo. Hes a such a great guy, he did the dance moves and the rest was me. I mean thats what I do, thats the easiest part. Being singer to me is actually to do the performance, because thats what Im all about. I just sent the e-mail to SVT where I wrote everything like: I want this, I want this, I want that platform, I want the silhouette thing in the beginning. And then we just did it all. Thats how it works. Im the artist, I need to do it, thats my art, so

C&R and Eric (together): My art is my freedom (smiling).

C&R: In Melodifestivalen you made a great show. But Eurovisions format have some differences. For example they may not allow using the platform. If you win Melodifestivalen, how will you modify your performance for Eurovision? Do you think the changes may influence the whole impression?

E: I dont know if I can use the platform or not. I dont see why I wouldnt, because I think its the same kind of arena, I think we can. Anyway Im not there yet.

C&R: But do you remember, you have some problems with the glass on Eurovision 2011?

E: Yeah, it was a different thing, because they didnt have time to clean floor. But I think it will be easier. Anyway, if I can, Ill just figure something out. As I said before thats the least of my problem, doing the performance is the easiest part. I could do 20 other performances that could probably be better, so I dont think its a problem and Im not there yet. You know the most important part about the performance is to be able to give the audience and the viewers the real feeling of feel good because thats what the song is about. So thats what I do with the platform, when I go out to the audience, so if I can do it with the platform, I totally can do it with something else.

C&R: You are popular. Of course people recognize you on the street and often ask to make a photo or ask for the autograph. Is it annoying?

E: No, I love it. I mean its a compliment. If people approach you and they are nice to you, because they like what you do, like your music, thats a very good thing and Im so glad, Im so grateful to have such amazing fans, so thats not an issue at all (smiling).

C&R: You will give only three concerts this spring. Do you plan to visit more cities, releasing new music? Maybe Europe or maybe some news on Russia?

E: First of all, Im gonna make a tour in Sweden this summer, a festival tour. And you know, I wanna focus on the other countries of course, but today it works like this: if the song is big somewhere thats why you go there. If I have some songs that hopefully will get big in Russia, then Im totally gonna go there, because I love it there. I mean I still need to get my music out, thats the most important part. And I wanna focus on Germany. Thats one of my biggest dreams being number one in Germany and Russia too so I mean, hopefully yeah, but I cant promise anything. When I release the new album and the new singles thats what I wanna know is which countries have more interest in it. Hopefully it will be Russia (smiling).

C&R: We hope so too (smiling). Thank you for your time. We want to say that many Russian people are proud that know you. Can you say some kind words to them?

E: I just hope to see you all soon. I hope I can have concert in Russia. That would be great. Otherwise if I dont come to Russia you should come to Sweden to watch me live. Anyway, Im totally gonna get there. So thats make the music really big in Russia. Thats my next album: Big in Russia.

We thank "Lingman & Co" for the help with organazing this interview.

Interviewed by Ekaterina Titova.

Text by Maxim Sirin.

Questions were prepared by Ekaterina Titova, Maxim Sirin.

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