On the 11th of August the administration of our fan-club met Eric Saade and his social media manager Oscar for taking an interview. A month ago Sweden provided a great opportunity for music lovers because there were traditional music festivals and some tv-programs in different cities, where fans could enjoy the performances of their idols. We are pleased that we were able to meet Eric that period and talk to him. You may read the exclusive interview for Russian fans right now on our website.

CIS&REST: First, wed like to congratulate you on the release of your single Take a ride. It was released firstly on Spotify and then on iTunes. How did you decide to record a song with the music and some words from other song of J-Son?

Eric: First of all the Spotify thing is that because we wanted to warm up the audience with the Spotify release first. So they could listen to the song but then were going to release the song to the radio stations. Thats why we did that. Me and J-son, we are like best friends so we are always working together and were talking about it and the chorus from Mr. Feelgood is so good and we wanted to make a pop song from all of it. So its the only reason why we worked on it together and we finished the pop version of it and we thought it was so good so we released it.

C&R: (smiling) This is amazing song.

E: Thank you.

C&R: Recently you recorded the song Du ar aldrig ensam. Is it difficult for you to participate in such social programs? Can you share your feelings?

E: That was an experience, that we went to Colombia to visit Bogota and a village outside Bogota. And its really an experience to do that because you see things youve never seen before, and when I got home I was a bit more careful of everything. Its hard to explain actually. I think everyone should do that once in a lifetime, because you get so much smarter from doing it. And you get to see things that you thought youd never see. So it was an experience.

C&R: Do you plan to take part in such programs in future?

E: Yeah, why not if its good, if the organization is good and everything is good, I mean charity is always good to do and its always good to feel, that you can help someone. No, you cant help everyone, but can always help someone.

C&R: You have a warm heart.

E: (smiling) Well, thank you.

C&R: When do you expect you will release next single, new album, new video or make a tour?

E: Actually this year we supposed to lay low. I didnt want to do a tour, I didnt want to do a whole album or something. So we just released a single, as just one-song single. And to be honest Im going to start to work now, this fall, like in October maybe, and then were going to see what happens so hopefully 2015, but I dont think there will be any songs before it. You know, Ive been working like hell for four years, so I was like ok, lets take a break for one year so just released one song.

C&R: We are waiting for it (smiling).

E: Oh, thats good, thats good, it will come, I swear to you, but just not now.

C&R: We saw in the bookmakers list about who will be the host of Allsang pa Skansen next year, you were in the middle of the list.

E: (surprising) What?

C&R: What do you think about it and do you want to be the host of any tv-program?

E: No, I dont think so. Not now, I mean in the future maybe when Im like older, but you know, I like music, I wanna do music so I see myself as a musician, not a tv personality, because its not my thing, and Im not used to do stuff like that actually, so Im gonna keep to the music for a while.

C&R: During the final of Melodifestivalen you wrote in your twitter something like maybe it's time for the original to do a comeback in that little thiiiing. So do you have plans to come back to Melodifestivalen one day?

E: I dont even remember that tweet (smiling). No, I dont know actually, no, I guess Im not planning to do that, to come back. But you know, you never know what happens in the future. Not now.

C&R: So it was just a tweet?

E: It was just a teaser (laughing).

C&R: Which your song do you consider as number one song? Or the song, you are proud of? Is there a song that you dedicate to someone special to you?

E: Yes, my latest album last year Forgive me was like the most personal, I wrote this album for my personal feelings for the first time, so that album was pretty dedicated to different people. If theres a song that Im more proud of Maybe I like Im proud of Till I break because the story of the song is really good and its really true. And also how that song came out like vocally and everything. I just felt good. So I guess Im pretty proud of that song.

C&R: Which present in your life was the maddest, unusual, and unique? From fans, friends, family?

E: Ehm, its a hard question.

C&R: You have a lot of such presents?(smiling)

E: No, no unique presents, I dont know, I get some craziest stuff sometime from fans basically. And to be honest, I dont get many gifts from my family, I dont let them buy me gifts because its me who buys them gifts nowdays. So I guess Its just (thinking) no, I just I cant say that, its embarrassing. Some fans gave me like (turning to Oscar) what was it? Like a button?

Oscar: Yeah

E: I got like a button where you push the button

O: Go and get it?

E: Yeah, go get it, thats fun. Yeah, we can go to the next question and I think hell back with this button.

C&R: Ok. If someone from your family brothers or sisters decides to make a career of a singer, will you support them, help them?

E: Of course, I will help them the best way I can, but its also very important that theyd have a chance to do it by themselves you know, I mean: its not me trying to make them something. I think its really important to fight for yourself so Im gonna let them fight too but, of course, I will help them if I can.

C&R: Does anybody of them want to become a singer as you?

E: Yeah, I have a little sister, she is a good singer, so

(Oscar came back with the button and pushed it. The room is being filled by the sound of a woman who is having sex and enjoying it).

(All are laughing).

E: This sort of stuff is pretty weird. Some people give this like: (showing the moment of someone is giving it to him). Ive been like: Okay, thank you so much, this is really pretty. (Pushing the button). Oh, f*ck! No. (Smiling) Sorry, sorry. All right.

C&R: Its impossible to switch it off?

E: Yeah, its impossible. Thats probably the weirdest gift so far. You know, its pretty hard, you dont know how to react. So let me ask you a question: howd you react if you got that?

C&R: (laughing) I dont know. Its really crazy.

O.: Its perfect for the office.

E: Yeah, its perfect for the office, yeah, good.

O.: Its always quiet in the office.

C&R: Okay, next question. If you will be invited to perform in unordinary place like cruise ship or ferry in the intercontinental trip, will you agree?

E: Yeah, well, I get questions like that every day, but you know its not always you do tours. I just dont wanna perform to perform. If Im performing I wanna to be really good. That depends. But of course that would be fun.

C&R: Your concert in Moscow was cancelled. Can you comment it and how did you decide to take part in it?

E: I wanted to do it. The whole thing was cancelled. So I mean I wanna come back there and hopefully I can do a concert soon enough. Its difficult to decide, because this time they cancelled the concert and I had nothing to do with that.

C&R: Do you know why it happened?

E: To be honest no, we didnt get an answer at all. They just said it was cancelled and I was like okay, well that was too sad. But I really want to go there and to see all fans and play for new fans on new ground, thats always fun.

C&R: A lot of fans from Russia bought tickets but

E: Yeah, but hopefully we can back with another concert.

C&R: In the end we would like to ask you about Russia, cause we are from Russia. Maybe you know some traditions, some words...

E: (taking a glass) Na zdorove. I can say that, you know.

C&R: Is it your favorite word?

E: Well, yeah, when I was in Moscow, we came to a restaurant. I think it was pretty nice restaurant in Moscow, I dont remember its name, we got a glass of water, which we thought because were Swedish. And I tried to drink this water, I realized: sh*t this is vodka! So (laughing) That was a shock. That was a shock. That's when I knew Na zdorove.

C&R: We saw a video before Eurovision, where youre with one of our tv-hosts and you had a lot of small glasses with some liquid and you drank it together one by one. We thought that it was just water

E: Noooo, I dont think it was water (smiling and laughing). You know sometimes you have to. But that was fun. That was an experience to visit Moscow. Ok I have a question for you. Is there(smiling) this is weird is there a Russian singer that you think that I should do a feature with like I did with Tone in Norway?

C&R: (thinking) Interesting question. I know Dima Bilan is famous. I don't like Russian music you know, because I listen to Swedish music mostly.

E: No, just for fun, if theres someone you think

C&R: Girls, bands or?

E: Yeah, girls, like a duet.

C&R: Maybe Nyusha?

E: Whos that?

C&R: Its a girl, maybe Ill show you a pic after the interview.

E: Ok.

C&R: So can you tell some words to the Russian fans.

E: The only thing I can say is that I really hope to come back to Russia very soon, but its difficult, you know, but as I work on a new material and new songs, of course, we will try to get it out in Russia too. And when we do that, we of course will come there too to play and have a concert or something. And hopefully it wont be cancelled next time (smiling).

C&R: We hope so.

E: So, its been a long time. And Im really admiring this support I get from Russian fans because its pretty big actually so, its good.

C&R: So thank you so much for the interview.

E: Thank you.

We thank "Lingman & Co" for the help with organazing this interview.

Interviewed by Ekaterina Titova.

Questions were prepared by Maxim Sirin, Ekaterina Titova, Ekaterina Ryabushkina.

Photos by Ekaterina Titova.

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