We could manage to meet Eric Saade in Malmo, Sweden, on the 17th of August. There was a big concert on that day which was held by RIX-FM radio station. It hosted many stars of the music industry in Sweden. Eric Saade was among them. He just excited a crowd with the hits "Coming Home" and "Hearts in the air". After the event we met Eric at his hotel and talked to him a bit. After presenting the gifts we started the interview, which you can read right now on our website.

CIS & REST: Eric, first of all we congratulate you on the releasing of your upcoming album. What can you say about it, did you like working on it, and was it more difficult or more interesting maybe, than your previous work?

Eric: Yes, it's more personal, I had much time to work with it. I'm working on it like almost two years. And that makes a big difference actually - more alive, music is more alive, the lyrics are more personal.

C&R: We are looking forward to listening to your new work.

E.: Cool!

C&R: How did you feel when you were recording your first album. It was most likely in Whats up, isnt it?

E.: What's Up? Yeah, that was like... 2005 maybe. That was fun. It was okay, I got a lot of experience that is important for me today when I work. I know a lot that I wouldn't know if I did't do that before.

C&R: One more singer from Whats up won Melodifestivalen. What do you think about Robin Stjernberg and about his victory?

E.: I think he's great. He's got an amazing voice. Since we were kids he's got that voice. So I think, he's great and the song is great too... I was really happy for him that he won and I congratulated him.

C&R: Do you consider him as a competitor? (playfully)

E.: No, no I don't think so. And my upcoming album is really funky. It's funky pop. The style is more like "Cover girl, part II".

C&R: You became so famous in Scandinavia and a lot of people know you in all over the world. Why do you think you achieved such a popularity, do you have your own formula of success?

E.: I don't know. You know... I just wanna my music to grow. I mean it's more easy to grow as a person but I don't want that. I want the music to grow. So actually I don't know.

C&R: Maybe you reached success because youre perfectionist?

E.: Maybe that. I mean I really love the show. I want the whole package to be good when I perform. So that may be one of the part of it. You know the music is the most important thing for me.

C&R: But is there anything that you dont like in yourself?

E.: Yes, there are many things. It can be everything. I just can get angry with anything. So I'm never satisfied.

C&R: You are successful artist. What advice can you give to beginners?

E.: Just follow your own heart. And just... I don't know. Give the middle finger to people who say "stop". Just choose your own path. That's important. And keep doing it.

C&R: What do you like more: to write music, to sing or perform on stage?

E.: To perform live is my absolutely favorite thing in my work. I love it. I create music to play it live. I love the live peroformance and I enjoy it so much.

C&R: What was the most special, memorable and brightest concert in your career? Or maybe curious thing or funny moment?

E.: What was the most funny moment?

C&R: Yes.

E.: You mean the biggest moment?

C&R: Yeah, the brightest...

E.: I don't know, I got so many moments, you know.

C&R: You may give an example.

E.: I always think that the last part of my career is the biggest moment. I do my tour now, I was in my hometown, Helsingborg, had a concert there. That was a big moment. And I'm gonna release my fourth album. That's gonna be one of my biggest moments too. Because when I was 18 I could never imagine that I'd release 4 albums.

C&R: Wed like to ask you some questions about emotions.

E.: Ok.

C&R: When did you cry last time? Are you used to expressing emotions in such a way?

E.: (thinking) I don't know when I cried last time, that was a long time ago. I am a happy person (smiling), you know.

C&R: That's cool!

E.: We all got ups and downs you know.

C&R: In the songs you sing a lot about love. Did you ever want to start a family and have children?

E.: You know, when I'm like 30 - yeah, I want it when I'm 30, sure, but now I'm 22. I'm not focusing on that actually.

C&R: Okay.

E.: That would be fun, later.

C&R: We are interested in why you decided to make a tattoo. How long did you think about it?

E.: I was actually angry, you know, because newspapers wrote a lot of crap... I was angry and I was like "My art is my freedom". I do what I want when I'm on stage. So I did my "My art is my freedom".

C&R: Are you going to make another tattoo in the future?

E.: I don't think so, not right now, I'm happy with it and I don't make tattoos just to make tattoos. I'm just gonna make a new tattoo If I really want it if it has a meaning.

C&R: And the last question: are you gonna release your album in different countries, Russia maybe? And visit us with the show?

E.: Yeah, I hope so. It's always different. I'm releasing the song called "Flashy" next Friday. That song is gonna be released worldwide. But the thing is it's always different because sometimes we have a deal in other country... But I really want to come.

C&R: Actually, we were very happy that you released your EP worldwide.

E.: Yeah, so, I can't answer exactly. But I hope so.

C&R: We hope that you will do it =)

We thank "Lingman & Co" for the help with organazing this interview.

Interviewed by Maxim Sirin.

Questions were prepared by Ekaterina Titova, Maxim Sirin.

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