EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ERIC SAADE: I wanna be the biggest pop star in Russia!

We managed to organize the meeting with Eric before his concert in Skara, Sweden, on the 13th of August. We gave him some little presents, recorded a welcoming video and then talked to Eric a bit. The whole interview with the artist is published below, and you can read this right now.

CIS & REST: Eric, congratulations with a great release of Hearts In The Air!

Why did you choose this song for your promotion worldwide?
Eric: Actually I dont know. When I wrote this song, I just thought that its great and it sounds international. Its kinda beginning of what I want to do. I met J-Son (co-author of Hearts In The Air - Note), and we are best friends now. Its a really cool song.

C&R.: Do you remember the reaction of the audience on your first performance? Did you think then that you would be a singer?
E.: Hm My first performance was when I was six years old, I sand at my mothers wedding. I performed in front of my relatives and family. They liked how I sing, and since that moment I sand at all our familys holidays. And I decided to become a singer when I was 13.

C&R.: When did you write your first song and who was the first person listening to this? Can you sing it right now?
E.: No, I cant, I just dont remember it. I started to write songs when I was about 12, and I dont think that anybody actually listened to this (laughing). It was a secret song.

C&R.: Imagine that youre talking to yourself, but 5 years younger than you now. Which piece of advice would you give to 15-year-old Eric Saade?
E.: I would just say: Be yourself. Because I always do that. Im always myself and I dont care what people think. Thats what I should do.

C&R.: You are very artistic. Would you like to take part in a movie?
E.: Maybe, in the future. Many people asked me about that, and I always say that I wanna make my music, its the most important thing for me. Maybe, in the future, in 10 years, Ill appear in some movie, but Ill make my music as long as I can.

C&R.: Have you ever studied in the music school? What do you think if its necessary to get a special education or not?
E.: No, Ive studied by myself. I dont think its necessary. I did everything by myself, and I managed to get a success.

C&R.: Does your career prevent you from your private life and friendship?
E.: No, I dont behave like a celebrity. I just do what I love doing, thats all.

C&R.: Which Swedish and foreign singers do you like? Do you know any Russian artists?
E.: Yes, I like some Swedish artists. For example, Robin. Do you know her? Shes great. As for Russian singers Of course, I know Dima Bilan. And (thinking of) I know Philipp Kirkorov. And I dont think I know any more actually.

C&R.: And what about Alla Pugachyova?
E.: Yes, of course! I just forgot. I know her and her daughter.

C&R.: And with whom would you like to make a duet?
E.: I would do with Justin Timberlake.

C&R.: Good choice! And what can you say about Russia? Do you know any our traditions?
E.: Traditions I know that vodka is kinda popular in Russia (laughing). Because when I was there, Philipp gave me vodka, and I was like shit, I got crazy (laughing). But I like Moscow. (asking his manager Tomas Lingman) Did you like Moscow?
Tomas: Yes.
E.: I think its a good place.

C&R.: And the last question - are you going to visit Russia and countries of CIS? When will it happen?
E.: I dont have Russia in my schedule now, but were going to come there because I wanna spread my music everywhere. As I said before, I wanna be the biggest pop star in Russia, and Im coming back, of course! Now Im on tour in Sweden, we have a lot of concerts here, but after the summer well start working with the international part, in other countries.

C&R.: And in Russia too?
E.: I hope for that.

C&R.: Thank you, Eric! We are waiting for you!

We thank "Lingman & Co" for the help with organazing this interview.

Interviewed by Ekaterina Titova.
Questions were prepared by Julia Skripko, Maxim Sirin, Ekaterina Titova, Alex Lebedev.
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1. Full name: Eric Saade

2. Age: 20

3. Height: 1.75 m

4. Weight: 73 kg

5. Size of shoes: 42

6. Interests: football, hanging out with my friends

7. People who inspire me: Justin Timberlake, Robby Williams, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

8. Dancing since: I was 12

9. Favourite cuisine: Lebanese

10. Non-favourite cuisine: Chinese

11. Favourite drink: Coca-Cola

12. Bad habits: no

13. Favourite colour: purple

14. Favourite season: summer

15. Perfect holiday: meeting all my closest friends when Im free

16. Favourite animal: dog

17. Im afraid of: spiders

18. Would you like to go to the space? - Yeah, why not?

19. If you can travel through the time, which period would you visit? - I would go 100 years forward

20. The brightest impression of your trip to Moscow: all the lovely fans I got

21. Russian words you remember: spasibo (thank you), na zdorovye! (cheers!)

22. Describe yourself in 5 words: positive, control freak, crazy, honest, helpful

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How Do You Like Me Now?
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