Its getting HOTTER THAN FIRE in the UK!

Now Eric who is going to promote his songs abroad is currently working with the release of his magnificent duet single with Dev Hotter Than Fire in the United Kingdom. The single will be out with the bunch of 5 remixes from DJs LMC, Rudedog and Lockouts Inferno. The premiere of the audio LMC remix was on April, 29 on the official YouTube-channel of Erics British record label All Around The World and immediately got a huge number of views. But it was not the end. On May, 13 a popular British music channel Clubland TV showed the clip of Hotter Than Fire (LMC remix). There is a completely new version of the video for its release in the UK. It contains snippets from the original Hotter Than Fire video and new episodes. Fans will see more of Eric and his team dancing and larking around. You can see the result right now if you watch the clip on our site.

Also fans can purchase the other Hotter Than Fire remix made by Rudedog in the British digital music on-line store DMC. The site spreads music files worldwide, so Russian and CIS fans of Eric can also buy it. The remix is currently playing on the UK radio and getting into the charts. The preview of Rudedog remix is available on the official Soundcloud profile of the DJ team and on our site:

The UK release of Hotter Than Fire and its remixes is going to be in May, but the exact date is still unknown. We hope that it will be out very soon and more European fans of good club music will learn about Eric Saade.

Julia Skripko,
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