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Its been more than one year since Saade vol 2 album was released. Since then, Eric Saade visited the Swedish pop scene several times, released three new singles and album in Norway. However, he didnt stop. Eric Saade continued to make fans happy with his creativity. We offer you a digest of the most interesting events, the singer participated in.

  1. Scandipop Awards 2013. Eric Saade won the nomination "Readers Favourite Artist Of The Year", held early this year. Thousands of fans, visitors of Scandipop website voted for the favorite artist on Twitter.

  2. During March, 2013 Eric Saade has been participating in the tour "Vinterlyd", held by the Norwegian channel P4. This event is organized in support of cancer patients. For Eric it is particularly important to participate in this tour, because his grandparents had cancer. Concerts in this tour are free, and anyone can attend a show in one of the 8 cities in Norway.

  3. Eric Saade participated in television episodes "Tone", broadcasted by the Norwegian channel TV2. These series represent the documentary films about life of Tone Damli in which Eric Saade has played an important role.

  4. Idrottsgalan 2013. This is an annual sport ceremony where Eric sang a special version of his new single Marching (In the name of love) with a group of drummers, giving fans only positive emotions.

  5. A significant event for Russians: the single Imagine is out in the Russian music store iTunes.

  6. Musikhjalpen 2012. Charity project which aims to raise money for a particular purpose. In 2012, it helped children from the slums who need clean drinking water. In this project Eric Saade performed with an acoustic version of the song Marching (In the name of love) and the song Miss unknown.

  7. Performance and autograph session in support of the disc "Eric Saade. The DVD". The event was held in Sollentuna Centrum, Stockholm. Eric sang some of his hottest hits, including two new singles.

This is not a complete list of events in the creative life of Eric. Very soon, March 19, 2013 Eric Saade will give two concerts in sequence in the Finnish city Jakobstad.

And finally, the most important news of the year. In April 2013, Eric Saade will release a new single, and this summer - the new album, which will be supported by a concert tour in Scandinavia! We wish Eric that all his creative plans came true!

Maxim Sirin, specially for

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