Coming Home EP is released in Russia

Today Eric Saade released the mini-album "Coming Home EP", which includes four songs: Till I Break, Forgive Me, Coming Home and Cover Girl Part II. This is the first Erics album in the format of Extended Play. Probably the artist decided first to introduce the style of a future album to his fans. And it is not only due to the commercial benefits: the next album will be something different than previous songs of Eric. The artist moved from dance, energetic pop songs to more lyrical hits though in pop style but with elements of R & B. Together, this gives the songs atmosphere of the 80s. It should be noted that the co-author of all four songs is Julimar Santos (J-Son).

Thousands of fans have been able to appreciate the new songs. A nice feature of this release is its internationality. The new EP-album was released digitally not only in Sweden but also in many European countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and this is good news for his international fans.

In three days Eric will begin a summer tour in support of his new album. The first city in the tour is singers hometown - Helsingborg. We hope that the "Coming Home Tour" and the subsequent album will raise only a warm, sincere feelings.

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How Do You Like Me Now?
Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Noren)
Darkest Hour
Heart of a Lion









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